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How to fix underline hover interaction

Hi, I followed this tutorial on how to get a moving underline interaction when I hover over my nav links.
(Daily Interaction #1 | Menu Underline on Hover | WebDev For You | Made in Webflow - YouTube)

But for some reason, when you visit the page, there’s a small blue pixel/underline under “about” I followed the tutorial step-by-step and double checked to make sure that the initial scale state is 0… can anyone help me fix this?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Crystal Ma crafts positive experiences for people

Hi @cherrykookie

Sometimes I just stick to the simple fixes. You can add a show/hidden animation, so set the initial state to hidden. Then immediately after, you can set it to block or flex with no delay or duration time. Then when you go into the hover out interaction, set it back to hidden in the final part of the interaction.

Hope that helps some :slight_smile:

Thanks tori, it worked!! :smiley:

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