How to fix the body elements and size

Hi Everyone,
It’s my first time designing a website with webflow, So the problems I am currently facing is that:

  1. The body size keeps on expanding whenever i add an element or provide it with a spacing, I want to keep it fixed, across all screen types.
  2. The second one being, in my editor the elements look completely fine, evenly spaced whereas in preview/publishing it changes entirely, I have attached a screenshot of how it looks.I think it’s somewhat related to the scale, but i can’t edit it.

Thanks in advance.
Ps: I do not have a background of web designer

Here is my site Read-Only:

hi @ayush_kumar

to your questions.

  1. you can set max-with of any element.

  2. there is too many issues that will be hard to explain without teaching you CSS basics what, why and how.

The best way will be if you can invest some of your time to learn CSS and apply these skills to build websites in WF.

The marketing slogan “no code” doesn’t mean “no knowledge” and web designing and/or developing is a serious profession that requires some level of knowledge. :wink:

Good luck with your journey. :wink:

Thanks stan, I did go through it and this has solved like 90% of my problems