How to fix gaps in flexbox within the grid?

Hello everyone !

So i made a layout for review page. with the block for each product. The image of product sticky to content filtered by product name in each block, but for the sake of number of elements i desabled filtration on the first block (tabletop fire pit)

As you can see in the first product section there are gaps Monosnap between reviews. I just cant figure out what i did wrong. I’m using flexbox inside but maybe it is because i have grid above all the reviews collection wrapping. To be clear i’m trying to get this type of stracture Monosnap
So to wrap up, the idea is to show full body of the review text. i have min hight but max i set to 100% and it seems work, but not for the layout of item cards.

And if it is not possible with flex box, is it possible to make a “modal” ,“pop up” where it will show full body of the text (only text) that i drag from data base as (body text of the collection item) if i make cards fixed hight

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Copy of Maxim's Blank Site

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Thank you! unfourtunatly there is no sound on video, but i got the idea. Altough this is not exactly what i try to achive with this layout. You see my problem is that cards needs to be with dynamic hight in the row. In your example i steel can’t make them depend on their conten hight. With your solution i can get only that both cards in one row wiil take the hight of the bigger one, wich will lead to this kind of troubles Monosnap

I know what you are looking for :slight_smile:

You will love this thread!

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Thanks for the thread! i found video about masonry, but another problem appeared Monosnap it cuts my content, i guess because of grid with the image on the left. I think like this because before i fifnt get why my div breaks in 4 colomns instead of 2 Monosnap

Anyway i hope someone will find it helpfull, but for me i just dont get it why it cuts content ((

I fixed it with inline block Monosnap !!! huh that was a trip)

to be clear i’ve used inline block for my collection item block within wull width collection list settings (purple gear setting block) and wrapped it with just a div like in this video I made a Webflow masonry grid and you won't believe how - YouTube and keep all my settings with sticky image block within a grid. Anyway hpoe it will be helpful for someone