How to fix embed cutoff and embed uncentering

Hello. The issue I am facing is in regard to embeds we have on the site. One on the homepage and another on the book now page.

!.) The first embed error is that when the screen size changes the embed shifts over and is only longer centered. This is the 360 Tour embed from Matterport.

2.) The Second embed error is for the booking calendar embed on the book now page. The embed is being cut off and is not displaying the full embed. You cannot see this embed on the read-only link but only on the live website.

Here is a Loom video going over my issue.
Casa de Gotch
Here is the website read-only link.
Casa De Gotch ROL
Here is the Live Website Link
Casa De Gotch

hi @Courtland_Lewis there is many issues need to be fixed to make it work as it should you will be better contact your developer to fix it for you.

but I can give you a several pointers where to look.

Initial Website animation
This doesn’t need fix as it behaves as it should and thats why is triggering with each viewport switch. But if you willing to be triggered only once you can find many solved requests related to this issue on forum.

you need to set overflow hidden on your video wrapper for small screens as at this moment cause horizontal scroll and that is why is shifted.

this whole page section has wrong setup and need more attention to overall settings and structure. Provided calendar has fixed value for height (you can’t change it) and according to this information whole area need to be set to accommodate calendar. In current setting have calendar position absolute this need to be fixed first and set proper spacing with padding instead you need also remove margin bottom that causing overlap of section below.

As you see there is more things to be fixed so it is impossible to give a simple how to solution.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and provide steps to start to get on the right track.

We were using a template and have started to find that you would be better starting from scratch rather than using a template and just referencing it. That way you can incorporate all the elements your site needs without running into these headaches.

Again thank you for the help and I will begin to implement said suggestions. Hopefully one day soon we can get a seasoned website developer that way these issues will be problems of the past.

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hi @Courtland_Lewis glad to help, if you will have any problems to solve or need a developer (now or in future) feel free to PM me and we can talk about my rates.