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How to find the right white space

In my phone versión website appears a white space in the right. I guess some section is outside the margins.

Any fast method to determine what element its outside???

As usual, so sorry for my bad engish and best regards from Spain!!

What you want to do is locate where there’s an element that is outside, and then add a OVERFLOW:HIDDEN property to the section that contains it. It happens often when you set an element to “slide in the page” on load or scroll. As the element starts outside the page it produces a gap. But in your case, as this is produced only at lower devices sizes, I’d say it’s possibly a text element or another element with a fixed width. Scroll down the page to try to locate it.

If you don’t know where it is, select your sections one by one and make then OVERFLOW:HIDDEN.

And remember, if at a moment your site is “stuck” and you can’t scroll anymore, that’s because you’ve put overflow:hidden on the <body> element :wink:

Thanks Super Vincent!!!

I’ll try it right now!!