How to find element on all "other pages"?

When I select an element in the selector field, I see “x on this page, y on other pages”, how can I find all the “other pages” that contain this element?

The fastest way would be to export the project, then perform a text search on the class name using a tool that can search text within all files in a folder.

Otherwise, second fastest way would be to manually switch to each page, click export, then use the browser to search for the class name in the code box in the export window. You could also expand the navigator tab and search for the class name there.

A little surprised there isn’t an easier way. Which tool would you recommend doing the “search text with all files in a folder”? I’m on windows platform. Thanks.

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Thanks! Kinda feel this really ought to be on the “wishlist” of feature, if not already on the list. Thanks again.


You can always request it here

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