How to find classes on “all other pages”

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Hopefully this is possible somehow? Often I make a small change to a class, and hope that I haven’t broken other pages… but is there a way to click through to the other pages where it is used?



Hi @EvanCowan

Can you provide some more information, please? Also, can you share your read-only link?


Hi @donaldsv
I can’t share my site at the moment, but see the attached screenshot.
How can I tell where the other 313 uses of ‘Center’ are?


How many pages do you have?

You can click on 15 on this page, 313 on other pages and it’ll highlight all the elements using this class.


If you have too many pages, here’s a solution from @samliew on a similar topic:

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The “correct” way would be to load each page, expand the navigation tab, and search for the class.

My previous post is better. See linked post above.

When I click on the “15 on this page, 313 on other pages” (or whatever it is on my site), it highlights the ones on the current pages, but doesn’t show me anything for the other pages.


I know this thread is super old, but I hadn’t found another place with an answer, and Google kept leading me back here, so I thought I’d share!

Now, in the right panel under the style manager tab (three drops icon), you can click on the hamburger-looking menu icon:

From there, it will tell you more specifically where it is in the project:
Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 9.00.59 AM

You can click on the other pages, and it will bring up that page and refresh the list. From there, you can hover over each item in “Elements affected on this page” and the UI will highlight that instance of the class. Or you can go back and click “# on this page, # on other pages” and see them all highlighted at the same time.

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You are a lifesaver! This is exactally what I was looking for