How to find and delete unused assets?

I am cleaning up my website and would like to delete the unused assets.
However, there are some assets I couldn’t find.
I thought I already deleted the pages, but the assets are still there.
Is there any way to find out which page the assets belong to? :joy:

Not without parsing your site source HTML to locate references then tracking them manually. It’s not a practical approach unless you are dev inclined.

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If you mean deleting assets from the assets library so that they don’t clutter the panel then you could simply “select all” then delete them. Yes, delete all assets. Then republish your site, exit and enter designer. Now only the assets in use will be in the assets panel.

But no asset is ever truly deleted - so using direct link to the asset that was deleted from the asset library will still open that asset

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Thanks for your reply.
For example, I would like to find the location and delete this asset from my website. Could you please kindly tell me how to find it manually?? :joy:

@msjessiewwang - And the published URL of the site is?

Here is the URL!
Thanks for your reply!!!

Hi thanks for your reply.
There are some assets I couldn’t find their located pages in Webflow, however, I need to delete them. Do you know how to find them?

Hi, Thanks for your reply.
I design the website by myself without dev people. Do you have any better idea to find the located pages of the accets?

If a picture is deleted from your assets, it can still be found by Googles web crawlers. If that is the actual problem, (and not that it still pops up in your assets panel or not), you’ll need to talk to webflows support and ask them to delete the file completely. This is because the assets are not stored “locally” on your domain or within you own Webflow account, but with Webflows servers at etc.

Took me some time to realise this when I had a customer that wanted a pfd to be deleted, and not possible to find via Google anymore… and we just couldnt get rid of it.

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I created an offline copy of your site (linked pages only that are published) and scanned for the image you shared. Did not find it. Google’s index is only showing this topic as a reference to the image. If an asset was deleted and still shows on the CDN and you need it purged you would need to contact support. Good luck with your quest.

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I believe msjessiewang is asking about a feature that’s similar to what’s available in Indesign styles. You can ‘Select All Unused’ and delete them as a group.

This would be a great feature in Webflow Assets

I agree. I just got off the phone with a prospective client, and this is a feature they are looking for in a new site. They want to be able to quickly identify what assets are currently in use on the site so that the list of resources is manageable.

Is this a requested feature somewhere?

+1 to this one.

Sorting the assets panel by asset size or by # of picture connections, would be powerful.