How to filter by CMS Item Type?


This feature seems to be intentionally disabled, so I’m here to ask to confirm if this is possible.

I have a list of software products. The products are in a CMS Collection, Assets. Each product has a corresponding changelog. The changelogs are in a CMS Collection, Changelogs. The Changelogs collection has a reference field for Assets. I bind each Changelogs reference field to the corresponding Asset.

On a Changelog page, I want to display a list of Assets where the Asset is equal to the binding in the Changelogs asset reference field.

So, I go to the Changelogs page and create a Collection List. I set the source to Assets. Then, I click the “Add Filter” option. However, there is no option to Filter by Asset. I can only filter by other fields within the Asset CMS type.

Is it possible to filter a CMS Collection List by the CMS Collection item itself, rather than a field of the CMS Collection item?


Other things I tried:
I thought it might be possible to create a reference field for Assets as a field of the Asset CMS type. I created the field, but the dropdown does not allow you to select the CMS Item that is the owner of the field.

Currently, I bind the Changelog to the Asset using a reference field on the Asset item type. I created a Changelogs reference field on the Asset item, then I set the value of that field to the Changelog. I can set this directly as a link, but it means that I have to do extra work for every Changelog record.

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