How to filter a Collection List by itself when placed into it's own CMS page?

I’ve designed a page for a CMS called “Event Types”. At the end of every Event Type page, I’m interested in showing “Other Event Types” our organization offers. To accomplish this, I’ve placed a Collection List referencing “Event Types” at the end of the page.

However, With this arrangement of a Collection List referencing the same CMS as the CMS of the page it’s placed in, I’m not able to filter out Current Event Type in the filter settings menu. Is this supposed to be possible?

Key note: It is possible to filter by Event Type if the Collection List points to a CMS called Events that references Event Types… but that’s displaying Events, and not the types.

I can DM the preview link if necessary.

Turns out the reason it wasn’t showing “Event Type” as an option was because I had it placed inside of a Symbol. So if you face this issue, check and see if your Collection List is placed inside a Symbol.

Filter options when inside a symbol (no Event Type option):

Filter options when outside a symbol:

Edit: When you attempt to drag it back into a Symbol, you get this error – so it’s by design: image

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Thanks for following up here for everyone! This is good to know.

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