How to Filter a Collection from right to Left for Arabic pages

Dear Webflow Community,

I’m working in an Arabic page and I have a collection with a calendar for events. I have to publish the closest event on the first line starting on the right, opposite of what we do in English. I don’t find in sort order any option to do it that way. Do you have any suggestions? @AnnaKelian?

Thank you


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Hi @vadelfino

Bit of a cheat here… To my knowledge there isn’t a specific way to sort your collection in the way you want to from right to left, but I’ve tested this out and it seems to work, if I’ve understood you correctly :slight_smile:

Collection List
If you give the Collection List a Class, I went for Right-Collection-List…
Go to styles and set it to Flex, horizontal (in below screen shot). When using Flex you will see a check box option just underneath that says Reverse Layout, click this and you will see the Calendar entries now run Right To Left.

Sort Filter
You may also want to add some sort filters to the collection, such as ‘Oldest to Newest’ for the Start Date/Time field in your collection. This will just protect the order in future to display by dates and not when they were added to the collection.

I can see your calendar appears in numerous places across the site, this should work in other places to, you may just need to also check the Wrap Children box on Flex settings when you need multiple lines of calendar entries.

Let me know how you get on??

Thank you @marsh! I will tell you if this works. Right now at the airport to take a long fly.

Hi @marsh,

Thank you very much for your help! It works beautifully!!! :blush:

Great, glad I could help