How to export all files at once from upload files in Forms

Hi, I’ve implemented a form with an upload file button to receive a lot of CV.

Since 2 days ago, I’ve received like 500 CV but I don’t know how I can download all of them at once.
Webflow export me a CSV file with all the info + the link to download the file but I’ll have to download all of them one by one !!!

I really hope that webflow thought of something there !!!

Looking forward to your answers.



There is no batch-download-all-assets feature that I’m aware of.
If you have some custom coding skill, you can convert that CSV to a script, which executes a series of curl or wget commands to download them all to a directory.

I’d also recommend you consider automating your process so those files are put somewhere you can access, and named meaningfully. Google drive is good for this. I do this for medical clients who need to receive referral forms.

Hit me up if you need some dev work done, otherwise just ask your own devs about wget / curl and they should know what to do for the ones already received. Make sure you plan those filenames though- Webflow’s CDN names aren’t designed for humans to read.