How to exclude a custom 404 page from export

I use WebFlow without WebFlow hosting. I tried to create a custom 404 page as described in the WebFlow help. The page was created and exported to an externally hosted site but did not work. The answer in the forum was: It does not work with externally hosting. OK, now I do not want the custom page to be exported and I do not like to delete this page after each export. What do I have to do to get rid of this page?

Jan Dieckmann

Hi @jandieck and welcome.

Selective exclusion of a file during a code export is not possible.

You may consider excluding the file from upload in your ftp program, or writing a local script that simply deletes the file for you. Filezilla (FTP program) lets you create exclusions with a filter for example.

Thank you for your answer. That would be a possible solution. But is it not possible somehow to regain the state before I created the 404 Page or is it a kind of one-way street?

Jan Dieckmann

Hi @jandieck , I am not clear on what you mean. Can you elaborate?

The situation now is as follows: Every time I make an export of my project a 404 page is exported as well. Unfortunately because I use externally hosting I can not use the comfort of this 404 page. I’d like to know what I have to do to stop this page from being generated.

Well Jan, it’s like I said. Don’t push it up to your server. That’s currently all you can do.

Thank you for your answer.

regards Jan