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How to enable the script or icon likes on each post in my blog?


I need help from you if there any developers and designers in webflow site So, Please help me how to enable icons likes in each post which is could be girds or full post So, I want to enable in each picture of posts like icon ??

I need answer from anyone >>>>

Full post is easy, just paste the script in the embed code at the location that you want it to display.

A list of posts will need customization, because you need to pass the value of the post’s URL to it.

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Thanks Sàmliew Genius;

How to make (Pass Value) All list of posts blog Please ?


You can use the dynamic list component.

The Dynamic list cannot able Code HTML, CSS, JS…, Only there is text,images,label,reference…??

Correct, you will need page/site-wide custom code to dynamically insert the plugin into each of the blog post.

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