How to Enable Partial Form Submission on Webflow CMS Pages?

I have a website on Webflow where users submit a form, and it generates a separate CMS page. I built this using (formerly Integromat). I also have a form that lets users edit the CMS page they created. The problem is that they have to fill out every input field, even if they only want to change one. I tried removing the “required” feature from the fields, but then the empty fields show up as blank.

Is there a way to allow users to fill in only the fields they need and not submit the blank ones?

Thanks in advance!

On submit, you could either delete the fields that are empty, before submission occurs, or create your own JSON object for submission which includes whatever data you want.

Hi Michael

Thanks for your respond. I have been trying to figure out how to do what you said, but did not success yet. I tried to ask ChatGPT for a custom code, but it does not work.

Which code should I use to get it to function? Thanks much in advance!

Hey Alexander, I can only point you towards the approach, the details depend on how you’ve set everything up in your form and in your integration.

The basic mechanism I described is on submit, look for the empty fields and remove them- but it depends on the field types you’re using. An empty select is a bit different from an empty text field or an empty radio button list.

Another approach you might be able to use is to handle this in the automation. The way you’re designing this, a blank field = a field to ignore, so you could possibly just ignore or remove it in your Make scenario.

There’s not much else I can say than that- if you’re stuck and need some dev help you can direct message me to discuss.