How to enable infinite scroll background on a static view?

Hey guys,

I am trying to create a similar effect of scrolling background, while the page stays the same (home page view)

Here is a website I am inspired by:

Here is my site:

Thank you for any tips/help :slight_smile:

hi @Oliwia_Dumnicka the website you are referencing is using SwiperJS to create this effect. So look into SwiperJS API documentation and demos. You can also search for keywords swiper vertical scroll to find some similar examples. You can also use DevTools to see how it works on their site and what classes were applied etc. etc.

Good luck

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Thank you Stan, I also have another problem. My headline and paragraph elements are blocking the scroll, I can only scroll around them.

They are set as sticky with Z index higher than image in the background.

Thank you for any help.