How to Embed Jitsi


I’m not a developer but am a startup hoping to provide video coaching and consulting over my website. I don’t need to build my own server or anything, just wondering if it’s at all possible to embed jitsi using the API.

I tried to follow this - , but am not having any success.

Is this possible? To set up a simple Webflow integration?

I need to be able to have this or something similar actually execute to load the javascript: <script src=""></script> . After that I tried to find a place where I can actually execute javascript:

            var domain = "";
            var options = {
                roomName: "JitsiMeetAPIExample",
                width: 700,
                height: 180,
                parentNode: undefined,
                configOverwrite: {},
                interfaceConfigOverwrite: {
                    filmStripOnly: true
            var api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, options);

Thanks for any advice on this topic !

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