How to embed iframe of a site into my website

Hi webflow experts,

Could someone please tell how to achieve the same effect of previewing a website like in the “Discover” section within the Webflow site?

So for example, before I want to view @thesergie’s old Webflow site, I can view the preview here. Is this just a matter of using an iframe? Can it be done with any site?

Thank you for any suggestions.

Kind regards.

Are you referring to the share link? How to Enable a Webflow Share Link

Are you looking for a share link for templates? We don’t have them on the template pages currently but have plans to add them later.

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Hi @thesergie, thank you for your reply.

That’s not what I meant. What I meant was if you go to your summary page, you’ll notice at the top left hand corner, a preview of the website. And it looks like it’s wrapped inside an iframe. I want to achieve that effect. Is this something anyone can do using the embed code or custom code? Or is this something only achievable within the Webflow staff?

Thanks again!

Oh gotcha! You can drop something like this in your website:

<iframe width="1024" height="768" src="" style="-webkit-transform:scale(0.5);-moz-transform-scale(0.5);"></iframe>

Replace with a site link that you want to show. If you’re trying to do it with webflow subdomains it won’t let you for security reasons. Though you can add this code to an embed element inside webflow if you want to show a different website.


Cool thanks @thesergie, I’m glad it’s possible. Although I assume it’s probably not a good idea to have multiple iframes in the one page, as this would cause a hit on the loading performance… is that right? If so, any ways around it?

It’s usually bad practice to use iframes of other websites in your site, but it depends on the context. You can read more here:


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