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How to embed files hosted on Github



Is there no solution, where i can add my custom scripts to the CDN of Webflow? Just to avoid some more HTTP requests? Or is Webflow already using HTTP 2?

You can’t host your own JavaScript files on the Webflow CDN. But you can use the page custom code, or custom code elements to add your JavaScript straight into your project.

Yeah, i know. But i’m not a fan of a lots of inline javascript and multiple resources loaded. Thats why i asked if there is maybe a Webflow Javascript Function to push certain resources to their CDN. Would be a useful feature. But i think its the performance matters are too small to have such a feature.
I mean 2 CDN instead of one is still not the best solution :slight_smile:

Not sure if it still works, but I’ve done it before. You can upload a text file to your assets, then load that file.

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how do you do that ? i tried getting the url of my text assets but it doesn’t work.

my text url is something like this

Any update on this? Doesn’t appear to work anymore.

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