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How to edit the content in Wordpress without Frontend editor?

I am editing a website which is managed by Wordpress. The website was built by the previous designer by using webflow and then imported to Wordpress via Udesly Adapter. I would like to make a minor change to the layout and sections. However, the existing frontend editor can change the text and the images only.
Can the frontend editor edit the layout? If not, can I use the wordpress editor instead?


@Tullio_Luongo can you answer this question? I know Udesly is your baby and have not used it yet, but I believe you can answer the question better than me guessing. TIA

Hi! I’m glad to help :slight_smile: The Udesly Adapter has been thought for Webflow users. So every change concerning the layout management shall be done in Webflow. The Frontend Editor is based on the idea of making the “client” able to edit images and texts by himself easily. For this reason you can’t use other WordPress editors to change the template layout.