How to edit the Contact-Form Layout in "TileDesign – Portfolio Website Template"

Hello everyone,

i have got the following problem.
My new website is based on this webflow theme:
You can see my site here:

If you click on “Kontakt” or “contact” a popup comes out with the contact form. I would like to change the layout a little bit and translate the text into german. But i have got no idea how to do that, because i don´t find a way to see this contact form in the webflow designer.

Can you please help me with this “maybe” little problem?
Thank you very much.

Best regards

Hi @Tobias_Urban welcome to the forums :wink:

Here is a video on how to edit the contact form in the tile design template:

Here are the posting guidelines:

Be sure to provide your share-link of your project next time so that we can take a look in to your project :slightly_smiling:


Thank you very much @DharmaNode .
My problem has been solved.

Next time I’ll note the forum rules, sorry.


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No need to apologize

Just a thing to keep in mind :wink:

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