How to edit pages to suit mobile

Just completed our club’s modest website and most users will access the website via a computer, however when I look at the website in mobile portrait, the pages are all squashed.
I’ve looked at webflow help but can’t seem to find an easy to understand but workable solution.

Can anyone help?

Thank you

The basics are simple- start at the desktop breakpoint, and then work your way down one level at a time, making the layout and style adjustments you want.

The details can be more challenging- you have a lot of decisions to make, and techniques to learn. The layout itself will be primarily handled by divs, grids, flex and quickstacks. Learn those, and how to control flow, margins, padding.

The rest is decisions on styling like title sizes, element heights, line height, and what to show and hide at different breakpoints.

Start with the Webflow U courses, there are some tutorials like the 21 day build that walk you through the tools, Watch youtube videos on the aspects you want to learn. Mostly play.

Your first few sites will be crap.

If you’re trying to build a proper client site on a first build, you’ll want to find someone who can coach you through problem areas with video.

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