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How to edit elements outside view port?

How to edit elements outside view port? - which are actually inside in browser but not in Webflow editor?

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Yeah the Designer is actually not going to expand the width of every wide screen available. I’m sure that’s an industry pain-point for all application engineers. Because you need to use the panels when inside an admin or design screen. If they made the actual canvas 2000, then the dev panels would show over the content. I guess, that wouldn’t be so bad for most web developers, yet from a company sales/functionality standpoint, it probably is an ugly UI to build.

The trade-off is using elements that have sizing big enough to expand in the browser.

The Workaround:

  1. Build your layouts from the edges inward. Try to look at your page’s layout from left - to middle - then to right, or visa-versa.
  2. Build center or middle content after you understand what is going to set on each side of the page.

I know, I know what you’re thinking. Kind of quirky huh? However, every single digital application has this limitation to deal with. If this were a software download, the app could expand to the screen a little more than it does online.

But we still have to see the app panels! And not many company execs would be excited to overlay App Panels on top of a Canvas.

Hope that helps. :blush: