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How to easily make site behave same on all devices

Hello! I just started using Webflow and have–what I’m sure–is a stupid question. Is there an easy way to get my site to be the same across all devices, or do I have to design separately for desktop, tablet, and phone?

Thanks for your help!

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Hello @rischa! Welcome to Webflow Community :smiley:

With Webflow, you don’t have to design/create separate versions of your site for different type of devices (unless you really want it).

Webflow based on cascading styles. It means that any style that you create on desktop view will be same on tablet and phone views if you will not change styles in that views. And opposite - any style changes on mobile view will not be reflected on tablet and desktop.

Probably also will be helpful to go through Webflow tutorial videos:


Hi Anna,

Thanks for your help, and sorry about the late reply. Unfortunately, my site isn’t behaving the same on all devices. It’s based on a template I purchased, so maybe I mucked up the original code with all my tinkering. I see there isn’t a way to go back to the original template (I purchased it before I became a paid user), so is there a way I could be refunded my money and just buy the template again and start from scratch?

Here is a link to the site (it’s unfinished as you can see):

Thanks again for your help.

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