How to dynamically populate a field with multiple options

Hello! I am struggling with the Option field for a CMS article and wondered if a smart cookie on here can help.

We run a gaming site and currently have two fields for reviewing games - one in which the game is reviewed on, and one which lists the other formats on which is it available (Also on: XXX, XXX, etc). When we choose an additional format from the Option field it populates like this:

What we have at the minute for this second field is an option field that becomes more and more unwieldy the more consoles and formats become available:

This is just a small portion of the options. If we were to add every combination that this field needs to contain, it would be around 128 different lines…

Is there a way to create something that lets us do this in a multi-choice way, so that we can just select for instance “PS4”, “PS5”, and “Xbox Series” and then have that label populate with the options we choose dynamically? It means we’d have for instance, 12 formats that could be picked and combined as and how we need rather than 100+ combinations that have to be input by hand each time a console is released.

It feels like I am missing something obvious and that the current way of doing this is really not the way I should be using Webflow, but I don’t have the first clue how to add in something streamlined. If anyone can help, I’d really appreciate it!

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I think what you’re tying to achieve is a Multi Reference Field. Essentially, you would create a collection of all your possible consoles. Learn more about that here: Multi-reference field | Webflow University

Lastly, make sure to add your share link, so that people can help you.

Thanks for this - no idea why my link didn’t show up. It’s at the bottom of the first post now. I am really struggling with this still so would appreciate some assistance!

What I’m looking for is a simple collection which lists “Also on:” (in text) followed by the formats separated by commas or some sort of delineation (slash, etc) e.g.

Also on: PC, Switch, Xbox Series

I created a collection of formats, and then created a collection item called Test Format Article. I selected 3 items for this:

I then added a collection list under the main format label, stuck a heading in and formatted. This is the result:

For the life of me I cannot work out:

1.) How to add a text box before this which says “Also on:” and nicely align the formats after it, in the bold example above.

2.) How to even get the formats I selected (as per the screenshot) to appear - at the minute it is pulling ALL formats through to the article even though only three are selected?

The aim is to get it to dynamically space out in a centred format after “Also on:” and then list the formats that have been picked from the collection. I’m also not sure how to add separators… Looking at how it currently is, that isn’t a MASSIVE issue, but it’d be a nice to have :slight_smile:

Any pointers appreciated!

Sorted point 2 as it was pointing at the collection and not the MRF. Point 1 has been botched with a text field above the collection list. There’s probably a more graceful way to do it…

This might help;

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