How to dynamically generate Collection list in a collection page?

In home page, we have a list of 6 countries
When we click on any of these countries it goes to a CMS collection page of that country.
In that page, there is a collection list wrapper with job listings from all these 6 countries.

I want to dynamically generate content in this wrapper based on the country. For example , if i clicked on India, i just want to see the listings from India.How is it possible?

Now irrespective of the country, I can see all the listings.

I tried using “Add a filer” for country in vain. I cant find a way to add country name dynamically there.
Kindly help

It’s best to share a readonly link to your site if you want people to help. Otherwise we’re just guessing at how you’ve structured things.

Here’s the basic approach- two CMS collections

  • Country
  • Job, which has a reference to a Country

Contains a Collection list bound to Country.
It lists all countries, linking the to the Country collection page.
To do this, in your link settings you’ll use the Purple options that appear ( since the link is inside of a Collection list item ), and link to Current Country.

Contains a Collection list bound to Job.
Set the collection list to filter those jobs to those where Country = Current Country. Since you’re in on the Country Collection page already, it has a Current Country context, and Webflow is aware of that.

Thankyou, i got help on this thread. great community support. this problem i faced last month..