How to do universal font changes & on blog posts

Hi guys

I can’t seem to change the font on the body text on individual blog pages.

It’s stuck on the default font that came with the theme, and I’ve looked just about everywhere!


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Hi @jdn,

Did you make sure you applied the body class to all of your blog pages ? When I start a project, I always set up the css for the body and give it a name of body which I then apply to all other pages. Whatever font change I do on body will be propagated onto all other pages.

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Hi @anthonysalamin - many thanks for taking the time to reply.

How do I go about doing these sitewide changes?

I’m a bit of an amateur, you see!

hi @jdn,

Simply select the body of one of your page with the help of the navigator:

then click on the style panel and set a class of body (or whatever class name you wish), then select the font you like.

Finally, on every pages of your website, simply copy the body class name onto the body element.

Hope that helps.

Hi @anthonysalamin - again, thanks for your prompt response.

I followed your instruction but the only part I wasn’t sure about was the final step.

I can seem to change the font size - but not the font itself - see attached.



That is because your element “blog content” has another font style applied. This type of style override the initial body font styling.

If you clear the font styling of your “Blog Content” element, your element will inherit the font styling form its parent element or the body.

Hi @jdn, could you please help to share the site read only link to see how the Rich text is styled?

Here is how to Share a project’s read-only link.

Thanks in advance.

How do you “clear” the font?

Hello, hopefully this is still a live thread. But I was wondering if someone can help me understand how we can push overrides to a defined class? for example, in the image, the class is called Paragraph, and I made some changes which are highlighted in blue for Size and Height. How can I make those changes be inherited to the Paragraph class moving forward? Thank you for your help in advance!