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How to do this interaction in webflow?

Is is possible to do this same interaction in weblow where “Crescent Central Station” slides open to the right when the page loads?

Hello @BaileyHood

Yes, it is possible. You can use LOAD trigger in the interaction. Inside interaction you can use option “wait” and then changing width of element.
Also do not forget use “Wait for assets to load” option. It will start interaction only after all images will be loaded.

:wink: try to play with that, it is fun

Thanks @sabanna. That helped a lot. I figured out how to make it slide open but I think the default is that is slides open from the middle. How do I get it to slide open to the right like on this site?

I am glad it helps :blush:
And for fix that small issue try this:

  1. If you didn’t before, wrap that 2 blocks (small one and with changing width) into the div with fixed position
  2. Make those 2 blocks float left.

Good luck :wink:

Thanks @sabanna . I hope this isn’t asking for too much but you could a video share that shows how to do this? I want to keep my layout exactly how it is now, except I obviously want the bar to open up from the right. This is my read-only link:

I can’t make a video, sorry

Here screenshots what you have to do with “Social Media Bar”

That worked! Thanks @sabanna !!!

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