How to do: Article category breadcrumb & Search results pop-up


How to achieve these features made on Webflow University?

  • Category breadcrumbs
  • Search … and pop-up for results !!!

Anyone can provide some hints?
or maybe Webflow staff? @PixelGeek

Thanks a lot.


Hi @anthonychan2509,

I am not sure what you mean by archive? Archive the features for what purpose?

Please explain a bit more and provide a share link?

Sorry sorry, typo. not archive … achieve

I can see these two features here:

  • Category breadcrumbs
  • Type and Search, and pop-up for results

Any idea how to do this?

Well @anthonychan2509, the search results dropdown is custom JS.

And the breadcrumbs are using categories within CMS Page Templates.

Do you have a project you are working on? I can help with the latter, the custom JS is out of my knowledge base.


Yes. This is the project working on:

How can categories has sub-categories in Webflow? and how to make it display as breadcrumb?


They can’t. You can do some work around’s to make it appear like they do for breadcrumbs.


Thanks a lot.

It’s quite some steps to do it.

Let me try.