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How to display the alt/title tag of images in CMS


My client is asking for the title tag of images to display when hovering over an image. Just for reference, I took a screenshot of the tooltip shown in this forum when I hover over a profile image.

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 14.33.34

How could I get this tooltip to work with images within the CMS? Do I start by adding a new attribute? Thanks!

Interesting idea. What’s the use case? If it’s accessibility, you’re going to have issues with using tool tips, as they are notoriously difficult to do well.

You will need a field from the CMS, but it might not have to be new. If it’s the name of the person in the photo, for example, you’ll likely have that. But that might not be great alt text, because in this case it’s redundant if you also show the name to sighted users.
Then making the tooltip would be a case of creating an interaction on the image to “Show” a textfield.

Thanks Jonathan, basically the use case is that my client is used to hover over images he likes on various websites and see the little “title tag” description that appears. He says it provides a reference of where the photo is from and not intrusive like a caption. I figured that this is just old school stuff but it turns out that it’s not built into the Webflow options. And so I was just checking ways on how to do this. No so fun having to recreate a tooltip just for this. :man_shrugging:

Yep, Webflow haven’t included the title attribute - which is OK because a11y, but if it’s CMS driven building it won’t be SO bad.

And if you build a tooltip for more info (photographer, date) that’s not essential info, maybe that’s ok. Use different info for the alt tag.

If you start to play with this, let me know… i’d be keen to see how it might work, especially if we can make it accessible!

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will do, but will take some time to look into this thing! Also thanks for introducing me to a11y. Looks like a great initiative!

Can't create different tooltip for collection items can you help me with this? @Jonathan_Holden

probably… drop me a read only link…