How to display simple API data in your Webflow site?

Hello. I am attempting to display a simple price pulled from an external API using html, so basically wherever I place my html div with the correct class the correct price will show on my page. Basically I am displaying the prices of flights to a select destination from the last 2 days. For example… Flights to Dubai, from ‘£132’ - The £132 will be the price loaded from the API if this makes sense?

I have access to the API from the flight price provider in URL format and this works fine in my browser as just basic text display… I need to pull just the price from this and display it as HTML on my site. On my website I will have around 50 destinations and all will need to display their own URL as the destination value will change, but can this be done by just using a unique id for each element?

I have looked into JSON-LD and maybe having a blog post with a custom price variable but have had no luck so far, any help will be very very much appreciated as I can’t seem to get this sorted. Thanks.