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How to display several video links from one blog post in one collection list

Hello everyone,
thank you for keeping up such a great community. Hope everyone is doing as good as possible! My question is about CMS collections and blog posts’ display possibilities.

  1. A single post contains several types of information (video links, texts, main images, thumbnails etc.). This is to avoid creating multiple collections for each of the element groups.
  2. I used multireference to define several types of content each post holds in order to choose the necessary reference later in the particular collection.
  3. My need is to display videos on a separate video page, so I used the “video” reference in order to get the information needed.
  4. The problem is - some blog posts contain several videos which need to be displayed and I have not found the legitimate way how to do it.

Currently, I put 3 lightboxes under one collection item and it partly solved the problem. I have all my videos displayed by defining that each lightbox pulls the info from each video link on the blogpost.

However, this solution does not allow me to, for instance, group all these videos in a certain order (putting them in descending order after the release date).

MY QUESTION: how do I get all the video links displayed in my blogposts in one collection list in a way that it acts as one collection list?

Thank you in advance.

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UPDATE! I managed to solve the initial problem by routing the process vice versa!

  1. Created a separate video CMS collection.
  2. Created the “Related videos” category in my category collection list and added a multi-reference objective in Blogpost settings.
  3. Using a nested collection list I added a subsequent related video to each post.

HOWEVER! Another problem is there - I can not use more than one nested collection on one page. This factor denies an option to create the same type of content on every tab I have on my page (10 tabs altogether).

Is there a way how to use multiple nested CMS collection lists?

Thank you again!