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How to display more than 1 Item from a cms collection on a template page?

I have a recipe blog.
Most of my recipes are 1 recipe per page, but sometimes I need to display more than 1 recipe on the same template page - for example, 3-10 small appetizers from the same ingredient on 1 page - and have the content come from the CMS fields, and I have a lot of them for each recipe.
Does anybody have an idea how to do this?
Thanks for your help.

You can add a collection list to a collection template. This is how it is typically handled.

Hi Jeff,
I thought to go that route, but I have about 30 of those collection recipes, and will have more in the future. I can’t create 30+ different collections on top of the other posts. Also, I have a limit of 2000 collection pages. So if every tiny recipe is an Item, I’ll run out of collection pages very quickly.
I’m wondering if there a solution to actually group them as 1 page every time.