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How to display lightbox main content without pop-up / modal

I want to recreate inside a div something like the slider from the picture with cms multi image content, seems “pretty simple”, a lightbox that doesen`t pop up and has the big image displaying on page-load but keeps the humbnails and arrows for switching the “slider”=

Hi Dave! I watched the tutorial a couple hours ago. The problem is that when she click on a thumbnail, a modal (the lightbox) pop-out, and my question is how to prevent the pop-out, instead making the big image (the left one in the tutorial) to change when clicking the thumbnails, kind of amazon`s product images.

Oh, you can’t use the modal for that. you’d have to either use custom code or explore a type of interaction. I haven’t seen anything done like that yet with the multi image field.

I was looking to do the same for a client! Have you found a solution for this? because I am stuck here.

7 months later: Did anybody found a solution for this?

@DFink is right. That is the only way at the moment, interactions or custom code.

I’ve found an e-com tutorial that shows how to set up these interactions with show/hide, to make it like Amazon.