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How to display a category tree on my home page


Firstly thanks for your help.
I am creating a landing page for a free resource website with questions.
I want to implement kind of a category tree for users to preview content before registering.
This element “Explore Notre Plateforme” green on the link, should display all the items called “songs” from the category (a medical speciality) but I don’t want the button to link to a template page, I want it to display the songs without refreshing the page, just when hovering and clicking on it.
Is it possible ? I already managed to create and link categories and items through CMS. But I don’t find how to do this!

Thanks a lot


If I understand it correctly - you just need to create a Collection List Item -> Filter the category “Songs” and then set property to display: none and then create an action for the button link which will display the element the way you want.

Hello Tomas,

Thanks for your explanation;
I don’t understand how to do this, could you help me please? I found a solution with but it’s not free…thanks a lot

The way I always do it is to set static tabs (if you know specific amount of categories or if there are not gonna be updated very often - you can always add one manually) because there is no native way for cms based tabs and then each tab will have own collection list with filter of current category ->

But if you really want to be fully automated check out this ->