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How to disable the default page footer code on a given page?


I have defined some custom Footer code in the ‘Custom code’ tab of my project Settings in order to show a chat icon on all the website pages.

I would like to disable it for a given page, is it possible to do this somehow in the page settings?


Hi @WebflowUser,

Not sure how the chat module is setup but if it is wrapped inside a div, you could use some custom code to hide that div if the current url matches a given url. I wrote a little vanilla javascript snipet for you, might help or at least inspire you.

// function definition
function hideChat() {
  // get the chat module by selecting its id
  const chat = document.getElementById('chat')
  // defines page on which the chat should be hidden
  const pageToHide = '';
  // get current host url
  let currentHost =; // returns ""
  /* console.log(currentHost); */
  // get current pathname url
  let currentPathname = window.location.pathname; // returns "/nochat.html"
  /* console.log(currentPathname); */
  let currentURL = (currentHost + currentPathname);
  /* console.log(currentURL); // returns "" */
  // if current url equals pageToHide url
  if (currentURL == pageToHide) {
  // hide chat module = 'none';
// call the function

… and here is the codepen for you

just change the const pageToHide to whatever page you wish your chat not to appear.

Hope that helps.

Awesome thank you @anthonysalamin for the time you spent on this!