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How to Disable Text Highlighting | New YouTube Channel

Hey everybody,

I just started a YouTube channel and the first video is a tutorial on “How to Disable Text Highlighting” in Webflow.

Hope you enjoy!


Hello @jhiggins

Great tip there in your video, the best of lucks to you!

Now let me give you a tip myself:

If you add the code using the element HTML embed in any part of the canvas in the designer most of the CSS values are visible right there in preview mode without having to publish to see the changes. Hope this add some value to you or your videos.

Keep up the good work.

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That’s awesome, thanks! Did not know that.

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Hi, thanks for the great tip! (Just a note for people if you have any script tags nothing else you embed will work).

A question, I added a .svg background change on mouse hover but since I am linking a relative path it does not work when publishing on the free webflow hosting, it only works when I export the code and run it locally or upload it on a server.

When I used page inspect I realized that the reason is because they make their own filenames and don’t follow the folder structure when publishing.

Do you happen to know a way around that? It is very annoying not being able to check your work on the fly but having to export the code and run it locally every time.

P.S. Sorry for the off topic.