How to disable global FOOTER CODE on 1 page?

Guys please help me, how could I disable a footer code on 1 page, or make a footer code that is not on the whole site … ???

I got problems with my product cms page, I’m using the splide slider here (always worked perfected on other projects) I learned that it clashes this time with my footer code which i use for my main landing site …

Link and photo to show how it should look

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

thats the main page: (here i need the code which is in the footer)
thats the product page not showing my photos: Mona Figa Canvas Art Print - Mona Art Design

Try putting the code in the Footer code section in the page settings for each page you want it to show up on instead of the Global footer code section in your page settings.

So rather than it being Global, you can specify which pages it is included on. :+1:

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Hi Drew thanks for your suggestion, but still an issue. Webflow BEFORE BODY TABG CODE is limited to 10000 characters, while by I already use some code in that section. :sweat_smile: So then I got my custom code in the global footer code section, under project setting.

But it clashes with my other custom code before the body tag on a seperate page of the project.

My issues is a little more complicated:
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Because of that issue, my only way of solving this problem (with my logical thinking and limited expertise) would be by disabling the global footer code only on 1 page…

->Also a possible way would be to let me know how to create footer code for only 1 page in the project, that is not global to the whole thing. :joy:

Got 1 idea from Drew :raised_hands: Thanks for that, but still where are you Webflow developers with your ideas? :sweat_smile: Haven’t find a sollution yet …

Solved my issue for which I needed a sollution … Closing the topic.