How to disable Collection items not being used


For staff profiles I am using a Collection to generate the content. I have a problem in that some staff don’t have data for a few of the fields; mostly this is ok, no data to output and the field does not display. But for one of the fields the designer wants a title. This means that if there is no data for the field the line has a title and an empty space = designer not so keen to see that. Ideally I would like to be able to offer an option in the collection ‘display this field - yes/no’ and use that value of yes or no to control the css styles. But I’m pretty sure that I can’t do this in Webflow. Or can I? Or is there another way to approach this?

This image shows the problem. No website data = gap


Any advice on how to deal with this greatly appreciated.


Hi @grantsenior

Can you post your read-only for more focused advice on your project?

I think what you are looking for though, is a switch field and conditional visibility:

Hope that helps

Thank you StuM! The Switch Field is exactly what I needed for this. Most helpful, thanks again.


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