How to determine where my default URL subdomain link lands

I am new here. I tried to search for my answer by looking thru the forum but there were no answers to what i need.

So, my given subdomain URL is for my one-page website.
The problem is that when you go to this URL, it lands on the “Contact Us” section and sometimes weirdly between the “Our team” and “Contact Us” section. I want the page to load and land on the “Hero” section as it should normally. I tried to do it on my own to no avail. I am assuming one can customize the landing section/page of one’s URL subdomain. Please, inform me of what I am doing wrong and how to fix it.


Here is my public share link:

It’s working perfectly! Really nice site. But here’s what’s tripping you up:

If you click or type into your browser, it’ll land perfectly on the top of the page. What you’re describing is behavior associated with clicking one of the sections of your site. For instance, if you go to, you’ll be taken to the home section. takes you to services.

It sounds like you’re typing in or otherwise arriving at the URL and it’s going to one of the sections; not just the homepage. Click on and look at the full URL in your browser the next time you end up in one of those weird sections. That’s almost certainly what’s happening.

But there’s another issue here: the menu bar on top doesn’t follow the natural order of your website. From left to right, links generally denote sections as they progress down the page. For instance, if we’re just scrolling through your site, the first section is Home, the second is Testimonials, and the third is Services. The bar on top, however, lists Home, then Services, and THEN Testimonials.

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