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How to design two different homepages for a movie site?

Hey I am looking for a new look for my movie website. I am not a professional developer. But I want to try two different appearance for Desktop view and Mobile view. Like two different websites. Is it possible to do in Wordpress site. My website is running on Wordpress platform. Can anyone help me out from this problem.

This forum is for Webflow questions and what you’re asking is totally doable with Webflow :grinning:

Check out this article about importing stuff to Webflow so you can design your site with real data.

About your question in general, what you need to do is to add different css to different media queries. In Webflow, again, it’s quite simple. You can hide or show objects on diffrent media queries and also change the css so it will look different on the different screen sizes.

Hope this helps :grinning:

You can replicate this in Webflow and simply add the content for Desktop, then add content for Mobile and disable Desktop view. Creating content on desktop can be customized for mobile on the canvas. You wouldn’t need to create two sites. But yes, you’ll need the CMS for this type of site.

just clone the page by using weblow, and one more thing if you want to make super fast and attractive website then you may try to drag and drop themes, i have some collection of you could check out and save you time and efforts.

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