How to delete element from a template

Hey all,

I try webflow for a week, I buy this template, but I have no idea how to delete the beginning grey stuff, please teach me🥹thank you

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK


Hey @pk_Ada and welcome to the community :wave:

If you haven’t done so, I’d recommend taking a peek at the content within the Webflow University — specifically the Webflow 101 course which should help get you up to speed:

In regards to your question, you can delete elements by selecting them within the navigator side panel or by selecting it directly within the main canvas window and hitting the Delete key on your keyboard.

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To add, when you delete things, they’re gone forever. I’d recommend you duplicate the page first, and mark it as draft, or clone your entire site before you start doing major redesign on your purchased template.

Better not to delete something you might want later.


hi @pk_Ada if you mean by “grey stuff” the pre-loader animation you can unbind this animation in “interactions” on right side and hide this element.

All informations how to work with this platform are, how was already mentioned by @mikeyevin on Webflow Universty and as @memetican mentioned creating backup copy is handy.