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How to delete a nested element in a RichTextBox

I want is a replacement for a paragraph that allows bullets. I read that a RichTextArea was the solution.

So I add one. But it adds a lot more than just a paragraph. It has title and two other sections. etc… So i goto delete the title, and it erases the entire RichText Component??

It appears that RTE is acting as a layout or a symbol?

Found a workaround. If you delete the text in every section, it will erase the component from the Layout once you minimize and expand RTE in the Navigator.

Another bug: The plus button that lets you add lists and video’s to the RichTextBox appears intermittently. I found that if i empty a section and then select it and unselect it the plus button appears.

Webflow IS browser based. As such it’s subject to all the quirks of the ‘BROWSER WARS’ that plague us. When little irritations pop up I just try hitting refresh. If I design with Chrome the elements panel opens often with all above the CMS icons hidden. I have to refresh to see the entire list. Using Safari I never have that issue.

You may try a different browser for designing to see if the issue remains.