How to delete a color in global swatch?!

The new global swatch is great! but… umm… how do you delete saved color in the swatch?!


Hi @Christoffer

To delete the swatch, just press the bin icon:

Hmm… Here’s how the swatch panel looks in my interface. Am I missing something (literally) or looking in the wrong place?

EDIT: When I create a new swatch now I get the bin icon. The existing colors comes from a duplicated site… perhaps I’m just not able to delete colors that came with the site when I duplicated it…

Try and select the one you want to delete :slight_smile:

Stupid me, I’m going home now! Please close this post immediately! :wink:

It’s alright :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just keep in mind that deleting the swatch will only make it vanish from the colour palette…
If you gave that colour to a div, or heading, it will maintain the swatch colour :slight_smile:
To fix it, you’ll have to find each element and change colours to a different swatch :stuck_out_tongue:

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