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How to decrease page loading speed from 6.2 seconds to 2-3 seconds?

Hey guys,

According to GT Metrix, my website takes over 6 seconds to load.

That’s pretty bad for SEO. So I’d like to get that down to 2-3 seconds if possible.

Here’s an analysis of my site:

And my site:

It says that my page size is 2MB, but when I export the site it’s only 460kb.

What can I do to decrease my page load time?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @maxrezn, thanks for the question. Normally, amount of images and page size is the main factor, but there can be others too… I will go check out your site and run some tests from my perspective, and get back to you with some options to check out.

Cheers, Dave

Thanks Dave. Any help I can get on this matter is appreciated.

Seems like the youtube embed is skewing the results a bit.

If you look at the Timeline breakdown, near the bottom you will see this:

Since this content is loading into an iframe, it should behave asynchronously – meaning it will not block the rest of the page from loading. Ideally, GT Metrix should take this into account… but it looks like they simply wait everything to load (including iframes).

However, if you prefer to manually insert the youtube video (via custom code) as to help your benchmark results, we can certainly advise a way to do that. :smile: