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How to customise text color of only last tab?

Hi. I want to change the yellow tab text color to black. I’m not able to change it for the last tab specifically. If I do it, it changes for the unselected version too.

Page link: Poocho

Share link: Webflow - Poocho

EDIT: Please check the widescreen mode only for now.

hi @abon you should post page where your styling from images is applied as I was not able to find it. There is only one page Report2s that contains these tabs but there is no styling applied. Be more clear where element is.

You can create and share “read-only” link when requested page is open in your preview so users can open exact page where problem exist. This prevent to search and scroll through all pages to find element you are referring to.

EDIT: I have now found that you design is applied only to large screen.
The problem is with your classes. Your tab/btn Interested has class report tab- interested while all other btns/tabs has class report tab - unselected. Just add class report tab - unselected to your last btn/tab

Hey @Stan , thank you for your response.

I have not applied the report tab class to the last tab because it is a special case in which I want the text color to be yellow when unselected and black when selected. That was my original question: How do I make this happen while keeping other tabs unaffected?

hi @abon that was my point if you add unselected to last btn/tab it will do what you need and than add combo-class to make whatever you need eg. yellow text and add :hover etc…

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@Stan was able to resolve! Thank you so much for your help!

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