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How to customise Shopify Embed Button


I’m implementing dynamic embeds now and have 2 questions in my mind;

-Is there a way to customise the button from Shopify embed button more than just color and text but size and hover effects?

-Is there a way to edit Shopify’s cart modal appearing when I chose embed cart option from Shopify/ Like translation of the cart sidebar.

I have already made the translations in Shopify but couldn’t figure out where that cart modal retrieving information.
I know the second one seems like a Shopify question but if there is anyone trying to implement Shopify products with the new Dynamic Embeds update would be great to hear your approach for further customisation.


Anyone has tried to style Buy Online button from Shopify?

Clicking on a product image opens checkout modal etc kind of freedom would be great other than just being able to edit the text and color of the button only.


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