How to create "verifying" Page in my Website?

Hallo There,

my website give attendance certificate to those who attendant course.
And I want to give each single certificate an individual code.
With this code can be checked through my website, if it is genuine certificate.
And now to want to create this checking page.

So, I want to achieve the following :
when someone types a certificate code to be checked, a search goes through the CMS list and check if there is a match.
When there is a match, then Webflow displays a green sign with the name of the owner of this certificate and the course name.
When there is no match, then the searcher get false sign.

Please help me achieve this :slight_smile:

Systems like this don’t scale or secure well in the CMS, due in part to the 100 collection item limit. However for a small set of data, < 300 let’s say, this can work.

The cleanest way to construct it is to use hidden collection lists, plus a JS-based search to identify a match / no match situation.

Note the full list would be hidden in the page, out of sight but still there for anyone who wanted to look for it.

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Thank you very much for your Response.

I’m afraid that the Fact that they will be all there to bi found is risky.
Do you think that there is a better way to achieve this?

is it for Example possible to make Webflow search through google sheet for info and come up with the result ?
or is there is a way to make second search System in Webflow that only search one CMS collection?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Yes you can. Personally I prefer Airtable for this, and you can create a simple “GET” style api using Make. Or if you prefer coding, you can use a serverless function through something like Netlify.

You’ll need a small piece of client side JS to submit your query and handle the returned response.

Really no getting around the small bit of programming you’ll need here.

There are no-code solutions that would suit this well like Wized.

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