How to create this NavMenu

I’m recreating a Wordpress site in Webflow, and I can’t figure out how to style the NavMenu to offset the way the current version does, nor how to get the phone number and city/state above it.


I don’t know will it be helpful but try using grid and manually assign them the position

Hey Steven,

Here you can find a simple example of what you aree trying to achieve. It is not styled, only positioned thee way that you could position it to achieve the same effect. You can look around this preview link to see all of the settings for the elements.

Webflow Experts at Flow Ninja Support Team.

Wow…that did it! I had to duplicate your demo to figure out exactly what you did to achieve it, and it works, but I have no idea how I did it! Anyway, I’m figuring that this is something that I’d rarely do anyway, and I have a Project where I store symbols such as this, so hopefully I’ll be able to reuse it some day.