How To create sticky pop up modal on bottom of page?

hey i saw this really cool sticky pop up modal that appears at the bottom of the page in this template

anyone know how to do this or have a page that helps create this specific one?

I saw a bunch with templates that have the pop up in the middle but not at bottom like this …


hi @Ash_fish there are several ways to achieve this effect. You use absolute position relative to its parent or you can use position fixed. To find more about positioning, how it works and what and when to use feel free to search internet get familiar with CSS basics.

do you have a specific video explaing this? i didnt find anyting on webflow university…

or can you tell me how ?

You can watch any video on YT or read any article related to CSS positioning to understand these very basics. Anyway, it is fixed to bottom, hope this help.

MDN docs

Watch this popup modal video It will help you a lot.

You have to just give your popup a height of 10px and align content to left. remaining step share in the video.

Thanks you very much!

Thanks you for your time!~